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Everything about offset printing

The most common printing process in current use is offset printing. Today’s businesses, including publishers and newspapers, depend on the consistent reliability of offset printing. This method is even more impressive when combined with new advances in lithographic techniques. The only real threat to its continued dominance in the printing industry is the development of digital technology.

The process used in offset printing is simple – water and ink are added to a cylinder, which then transfers the image to a second cylinder, called the “offset” cylinder. The “offset” cylinder is made of rubber, which allows for a smooth transfer of the ink onto whatever medium is being used. This method of printing gives the final product a crisp clear appearance.

One of the impressive things about offset printing is that there are a variety of mediums onto which you can transfer images. Paper is just one of the many materials that can be used. Other materials that are often used in offset printing include rubber, fabric, and wood. Quality images can even be applied to leather and metal using offset printing.

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