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While offset color printing is not new, newly available technologies have transformed the industry.

Digital lithographing is just one several new techniques and technologies that today’s professional printers have at their fingertips. These innovations have served to make color printing even more accessible and affordable to all businesses.

Offset lithography is the method commonly used today in color printing. A rubber drum is coated with the necessary ink and water. This serves to produces the image. An offset drum then captures the image. The image is then transferred to the printing medium, most often paper. Using this process color photographs are easily reproduced.

Full color photographs have been a staple in today’s brochures. They are used to attractively show the items for sale. Even though digital printing is becoming more and more popular, offset printing is still the standard method used for high quality color printing. Offset printing helps to make catalog based business very attractive to companies. A high quality 100 page brochure can be produced with very little effort and time, and for fraction of the cost of running a retail space.

The technology of digital printing will eventually overtake offset printing as the industry standard, but that switch is still a few years away. Offset printing still uses lower cost equipment when compared to digital. The digital printing industry is working hard to make its equipment more attractive to the printing industry, but this transformation will take time. Until then offset printing will continue to be your best bet.


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