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On demand printing is changing the way the industry works.

On demand printing is changing the way the industry works. Before the creation of on-demand printing the large printing companies controlled everything. These large publishers would print thousands of copies of a particular title, and then distribute them around the world. It was financially difficult for these companies when a book sold significantly less copies than anticipated.

The costs associated with overprinting ran several smaller publishing firms out of business. The large publishers, who have contacts with very popular authors, had enough successful titles that they could handle the losses associated with those that failed. They were able to control the market at push the smaller firms out of business.

Slowly but surely these large publishing firms were purchased by even larger corporations. These parent companies were not run by people with a passion for producing books. These corporations looked for ways to maximize profits from their printing divisions. One of the ways they did this was to drop authors whose books were only moderately successful.

With its innovative approach to the publishing business, on demand publishing was able to step in and meet the needs of these authors. Rather than printing and shipping large quantities of books, on demand publishing only prints and ships the books that are ordered. This dramatically reduces the costs associated with the printing industry. With on demand publishing the writers are in control, not the publishers.



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