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It doesn’t matter if your company or business has 20 fantastic items, or well over 2,000, catalog-printing options can provide convenient sales, as well as increased reorders.

Catalogs also provide an easy way for other people to browse your products other than the sole recipient, which translates into increased sales and customers for you by word of mouth. Therefore, it is important to select the best catalog printing method for your catalog.

Catalogs can be printed or processed in several different ways, depending on the materials and equipments used. The type of printing would be the Web Press. This process is a type of offset press, which uses rolls of paper instead of sheets of paper, which are continuously fed into the press at a high speed, where it is cut, printed and folded, emerging in signatures which are bundles of 32-page sections. Web Press printing is divided into two forms: heat-set and cold-set.

For magazine types of printing, the heat-set Web Press is the most commonly used form and is also the standard for catalog printing. Th heat-set method is controlled by a heating unit that dries the printed ink once it is released and spread onto the paper and is capable of printing at high speeds.

The printed ink from a cold-set press must air dry, is limited to uncoated paper and surfaces, and is obviously a slower process.

The Sheet-Fed-Press perhaps is perhaps the oldest method that follows the traditional press printing. However, this method produces the finest and sharpest images when it comes to catalog printing. The sheet-fed-press also provides a great advantage in that it can print on a wider format of paper.

No matter what process you use to print your catalos, or how you design them, the first thing your customers should see is quality. Three thing that make any good catalog great: A good catalog has to be informative, have a strong impression to attract customers and it has to provide the clearest finest images of the products or services it is promoting. By using standard designs and layouts remains effective, however, if you have designed a layout that your customers like, then by all means keep it. Remember the purpose of your catalog is to provide your customers with convenient sales, as well as increased reorders by them.


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