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Block printing was the original method of printing. Called xylography it worked by pressing individual sheets of paper onto a carved wooden block. China is thought to be the birthplace of block printing, and we have extant copies of Buddhist scripture (the Diamond Sutra) dating back to 868 A.D. This technique was also used to print Bibles in Europe. There was a great deal of labor required to carve large amounts of tiny text onto the wooden blocks. This fact, combined with the high illiteracy rate of the time led to the “Pauper’s Bible” which consisted primarily of illustrations with small amounts of text. The method of printing required that a new block be carved for each page printed. As this was very time consuming it limited the number of different books that could be printed.

Wall mount coat racks
With a wall mounted coat rack your guests know where to put their coats when they come in your house. So rather than just draping them over a couch have a place where your guests can pace their jackets.

modern track lights
With track lighting you can accent certain pieces of furniture or even artwork. Browse the many different kinds of modern track lights.

Best popcorn poppers
When you want to really eat good popcorn then you need to pop it in a real popcorn popper and not in one of those microwave bags.

motorcycle saddle bags
Shop for great buys on saddle bags for your motorcycle here. Carry everything you need for your road trip in these bags.

Used snow blowers
When you are in the market for a snow blower try buying used. A used snow blower can be a good buy if you do your research before hand. When checking out snow blowers be certain the company is still making the parts for that model.

New shower curtain rings
Enhance your shower with a little spice. Switch up those old shower rings with some creative ones. You can buy shower rings in a variety of designs and styles.

Decorative wall hooks 
If you are buying a wall hook first determine where you will be adding them. Where you are putting the hooks will determine what type of screws or nails you will need.


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