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Posters can be a very effective advertising tool due to their ability to reach a large number of people.

Posters provide a great alternative to television advertising as they are seen by people passing them on a regular basis. Professional printing allows a large quantity of posters to be created at one time. The cost can be so low that it may cost more to hang them than print them.

The same techniques used for catalogs and brochures are used to make posters. The industry standard for poster printing is offset lithography. Size, and sometimes the printing material, is the only real difference between brochure and poster printing. The paper usually used for posters is heavier than regular paper, but usually not as thick as the paper used for brochures.

As with any printing product, posters can be printed front to back. This would only make sense if both sides of the poster will be seen when you hang it. Examples of this would be a train platform or bus stop. Your graphic designer can help you find the best design for printing your poster.

Once printed, poster placement becomes a prime concern. Nowadays is just won’t due to only place posters on telephone poles or store windows. Today you can find posters at train stations, bus stops, and covering construction walkways. Your business would be smart to consult with an advertising firm to develop a strong plan for all your marketing, including poster placement.


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