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The basis behind Print-on-Demand is that a computer is used instead of the traditional offset printing process.

If youíve ever needed to locate a printing company that would print a large order in a short time and at an affordable price, then this article is for you. If youíve never heard of Print-on-Demand, POD for short, then Iím proud to introduce this digital printing technology to you. As I said, it is a digital printing technology, which permits you to print and bind anything from a book to a magazine in only a couple of minutes.

The basis behind Print-on-Demand is that a computer is used instead of the traditional offset printing process. POD is more environmentally sounder for the simple reason that each year, thousands of unsold newly published books are destroyed. With POD, publishers do not have to keep a large inventory of titles on hand, this in turn saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, and this cost can be passed on to the consumers.

A skillfully produced POD book provides the same quality as one that has been produced from offset printing, with the average reader not being able to tell the difference. However, there are countless publishers and authors who continue to use the printing process they are familiar, mainly because with print-on-demand, the promotion of a book falls mainly with the author. If the book isnít strongly marketed, bookstores will not stock it or even offer signings with their authors. Another reason is that there are some readers and industry analysts who will not purchase a book unless it has been published in the usual sense. Electronic books are suffering with a similar problem.

However, despite these drawbacks, POB publishing has several benefits to offer, one is that POD is a way of reprinting every book ever written. If you've ever had a "Keeper,Ē a book that you've read a hundred times and never grew tired of reading it. Imagine if you lost that book. Today, once a book is out of publication you have to search used bookstores, on the Internet, and yard sales in hopes of finding a copy. If you are lucky, youíll find a copy in good enough shape to read. With POD, you could simple place your order and have a brand-new copy delivered to you. POD is a way to prevent wonderful books from ever going out-of-print due to low demand.


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